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Auto Moto Club Generoso was founded by the union of friendly bikers.

Since that day, our society has had an important role in the regional and swiss biking scene, as well as the international one. As of present we like to organize historical re-enactments, tours and cultural meetings. We enjoy riding, culture and having a good meal and a drink...

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The friends wanted to make something in order to enhance the union between bikers. The Auto Moto Club Generoso was born on july the 20th, 1936.

At the beginning we organized social races and field races. In 1938 the Moto Club organized the first Mendrisio Raceway, a 1,3 km-long raceway in the city of Mendrisio, among houses, trees and curbstones. Lorenzetti won the race riding a Benelli 250 motorbike.

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